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The Greening of Cotteridge Meeting House

Between 2004 and 2011 we reduced the actual energy footprint  of our all electric meeting house by about 90% from c. 52,000kWh to 5,610kWh.   The chart below details our actions, year by year, with our annual energy use in kilowatt hours (kWh).  Heating electrically means the average temperature over the winter months (Nov-Feb) has a big impact on our usage.  The last two winters have been cold in Britain (very unlike the world average). so it is probably that the potential energy savings of our improvements to our building are closer to 95% or even 100%.  If November and December 2011 have temperatures closer to average, we may well achieve 95% savings in 2011.

kWh used in the meeting house annually from 2004 through August 2011:

Reducing energy use:
In 2004, judging from our bills, our all electric meeting house was using about 52,000kWh of electricity, mostly in our night storage heaters.  Following the double glazing of our "glass walls" this dropped to a bit under  47,000 kWh in 2004-5.  52,000kWh of electricity would have been producing 27.5 tons of CO2 (equalling emissions of two round trip flights from Britain to Australia or the annual emissions of 20 people living in India).  The cost of the electricity was more than 10% of our income, meaning we were suffering from “fuel poverty”! We changed our electricity supplier to Good Energy, one of the best providers of green electricity, but this hardly made it cheaper.  

Where we came from:

We already had a  solar hot water heating system  in use on our warden's bungalow.

In 2005 we: 
We started a Living Witness Group with links to the national Quaker group by this name
Did an energy audit of our building
Agreed to use environmentally friendly (Ecover) cleaning products.  
Installed recycling bins  
Bought a Bosch refrigerator with an A+ energy rating.  
Began using recycled paper for newsletters. 

Costs and Benefits

Details of what we did to produce the graph above:


Wall Insulation

Roof Insulation


Double Glazing

Solar PV